Baxi boiler spares available from Border Heating Spares Newcastle upon Tyne

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Alternative versions of Baxi Boiler Parts may be cheaper, but what could go wrong?

Baxi makes sure all their parts are vigorously tried and tested to guarantee outstanding reliability as standard. Like you, Border Heating Spares put quality first, so when you use Baxi Genuine Parts you’ll ensure safety and longevity of a Baxi boiler, avoiding any problems that could occur from using alternative parts. Here’s what could go wrong using alternative or counterfeit parts in a Baxi boiler and why here at  Border Heating Spares we only recommend you fit Genuine Baxi spares:

Baxi Boiler Heat Exchanger

Baxi Heat Exchanger

Genuine Baxi Heat Exchanger

How to identify a Baxi genuine heat exchanger?

  • Properly welded hydraulic fixings
  • Correct specification hydraulic connections and fixings
  • Completely sealed and separated domestic hot water and central heating water manufacturer’s details, date and batch number

What could go wrong using an alternatively sourced heat exchanger?

  • When put under too much tension fixings could break
  • Leaks causing damage to the boiler and/or your customer’s property
  • Domestic hot water side of heat exchanger could become contaminated causing health and safety issues
  • If you don’t know who manufactured it, you can’t claim under warranty as it is untraceable


Baxi Boiler Fans

Genuine Baxi Boiler Fan

Genuine Baxi Boiler Fan

How to identify a Baxi Genuine fan?

  • Smooth rotor motion
  • Dedicated earthing points
  • Thermal cut-out on motor
  • Seals and gaskets provided with the fan
  • Manufacturer’s details, date and batch number

What could go wrong using an alternatively sourced fan?

  • Refurbished fans can be unbalanced, noisy and fail quicker
  • If you don’t know where to earth the fan assembly, you can risk making the casing live
  • The motor could overheat severely, shortening the life of the fan and cause a fire
  • You might not know what temperature specification sealant is required for safe operation
  • Risk of high voltage shock


Baxi Boiler PCB’s

Genuine Baxi PCB

Genuine Baxi PCB

Why ask for a Baxi Genuine PCB?

  • Quality and original components
  • Intact ‘warranty void’ sticker
  • Components working individually and not bridged
  • No scorch marks on board
  • Quality soldering

What could go wrong using an alternatively sourced PCB?

  • Replacement or inferior PCB components will shorten the life of the board
  • If the sticker is not intact, the PCB has been tampered with and should not be installed
  • Bridged components may cause short circuits, damaging the board and the other components
  • Scorch marks show poor workmanship and can lead to overheating and failure
  • Components may become detached in transit, causing the board to fail and damaging other parts in the boiler

To order Genuine Baxi boiler parts or obtain installation information call Border Heating Spares now.